BeeCloud was born focused on CRM!

Since the beginning our goal as a consulting firm was to assist companies in developing software and processes for CRM!

Mission, Vision and Values


Act as a strategic partner for our customers, bringing technological innovation to transform their business, through projects with superior quality, fair price, respecting the agreed deadlines and the use of techniques and tools that are in accordance with the best market practices.


To be recognized as a differentiated business partner, innovative


To care for the company's image, inside and outside the work environment, always acting ethically and free of prejudice, because our belief is based on respect for moral, ethical, equality, diversity, and sustainability, strengthening relationships of trust with investors, customers, associates, employees, government, and society, through clear communication, transparent relationships, speed of delivery, sense of urgency, commitment, continuous quality of our services, and exemplary conduct.

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With a 100% digital model, the company needed an agile and robust solution that would allow it to get in touch with its audience and engage them easily and quickly, regardless of the channel.

ContaAzul, a cloud management systems company based in Joinville, is expanding its use of customer relationship management software from the Salesforce cloud.

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